DSE Messe

Each year Students’ Business Relations (DSE) organizes two job and career fairs in Denmark. One at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, Copenhagen and one at Aalborg University (AAU) in Aalborg. The fair in Lyngby gathers more than 140 relevant engineering companies and organizations for the students, making it Denmark’s largest job and career fair, while the fair in Aalborg gathers more than 70 companies and organizations.

DSE is a non-profit, non-political, student driven organization located at the top Danish engineering universities, DTU and AAU, which means that we reach out to the majority of engineering students in Denmark.

The purpose of DSE is to provide the opportunity for engineering students and companies to establish professional relationships. This is done through company presentations tailored for students within a specific field of engineering called Focus Nights, company speed-dating called Synergy, and two yearly career fairs, DSE Fair Lyngby, which is held in the spring and DSE Fair Aalborg, which is held in the fall.DSE also publish a career guide called Pejling, which provides guidance on how to get the dream job. In Pejling the students can easily get an overview of the companies that are interested in their field of study, what focus they have, and what they offer, as well as guidance to write CVs, applications, and more.

For students, the DSE events are an opportunity to network with and learn more about the different companies. For companies it is an opportunity to promote the company to students, and thereby increase their interest in the company’s projects, and career opportunities.Read more about our products at our webpage www.studerende.dk.